venerdì 3 settembre 2021

Era così terso, il pensiero - It was such a clear thought - #poesia #poetry #Tokyo #lotusflower


Era così terso, il pensiero,
come un fiore di loto appoggiato
alla mano di Dio
- brillava nella notte in seno all'anima
libero dal buio.
(Testo e immagini di Enea Grosso)

It was such a clear thought,
like a lotus flower resting 
on God's hand 
- shining through the night 
in the bosom of the soul
free from darkness.
(Enea Grosso, words&images)

In the images: lotus flowers in Tokyo and giant screen in Ginza (2018). Memories in my heart. I thank my friend  Lorenzo for forcing me to overcome tiredness and jet-lag  after a long flight to discover this park at night. And thank you to Teiko San, of course. 
Thanks to Serena for the picture of me in front of the giant screen in Ginza. 

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